Kitchen Staff



The kitchen staff, with Chef Barcia at the helm, is made up of five professionals.

Their resumes contain important experiences in high-level restaurants which have received accolades from the most famous food and wine guides. In addition to this, they bring a fantastic mix of essential qualities such as enthusiasm and passion.

Chef Barcia has imparted to the members of his kitchen staff the values of his cuisine which are perfectly aligned with the philosophy of Il Passaggio: originality, love of the land, curiosity, use of special and top-quality ingredients and a flare for performance and color.

Therefore, their work is constantly aimed toward the goal of offering guests a privileged and unique experience, where the eno-gastronomic and sensory aspects are in fact a journey for the senses. This journey offers a mix of satisfaction, discovery, knowledge and an introduction into the wider universe of the Capanna companies and the Val d’Orcia.

From the time it was formed, this brigade has shown a vibrant harmony and the awareness of needing to constantly pursue excellence.


This pursuit touches every aspect, from the deepening of knowledge about the raw ingredients, to the perfecting of complex cooking techniques and of course to the development of creativity.

Only in this way can they maintain the very high standards that characterize every aspect of our restaurant and menu and work together as a team to achieve our future goals.