Chef Andrea Barcia



Andrea Barcia is our chef.

Andrea Barcia, born in 1991, originally from Primiero, a small town in Trentino, is the chef of Il Passaggio by Capanna.

After graduating at the Istituto Alberghiero in Levico Terme, he has different experiences in his native region. In 2011 he faces his first high level experience at the Hotel Pellicano in Porto Ercole. The following year he decides that it is time to embark on an adventure abroad that takes him to London where he will stay for two years. At the end of this experience, his curiosity, and the desire to continue working in an international environment take him even further, to Australia.

Here he has the opportunity to deal with cultures and cuisines of other countries. There he remained for almost four years.

In 2018 he decided it was time to get closer to home and left Australia for Switzerland.

After a year, attracted by Nordic cuisine, he moved to Copenhagen to learn new techniques and flavours. He then returned to his region working for an important hotel in South Tyrol, until the winter of 2021, when he received the proposal for the restaurant Il Passaggio by Capanna and started this new collaboration with Capanna Suites and the Cencioni family.