To thrill, with haute cuisine dishes. The experience of taste it is not pure hedonism, it's sign, it's a message, tells a story using a means different from the word, but equally expressive. Stories excite us because they speak, haute cuisine can excite, if it speaks.

Restaurant gourmet a montalcino

Innovating restaurant in Montalcino

Il PASSAGGIO is a door. To cross it is to make the transition between heritage and discovery. From your "home" that is a protected environment composed of consolidated flavours since ancient times, through the Passage we go outside, in the "great circus of the world", which is adventure, play, wonder.

We use the ingredients of the Tuscan territory bringing them to their maximum expression to tell a story of harmony between intensity and delicacy. The flavours become characters in our stories, they emerge from memory, they venture in landscapes of raw materials, they go through forms of experience and life, to finally rise in freedom, independence and maturity.

Tuscan restaurant Montalcino

Gourmet restaurant in Montalcino

We work without ever losing our smile by putting passion and joy into everything we do.

The goal of our work is to bring to life a great experience, a meaningful experience, with the enthusiasm of entertainment given by great food.

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Il Passaggio is living a show.