Circus by Capanna




EVENTS fall winter 2021/22 



“Buongi'orto", or “G’day veggie garden” in English, is the name chosen by The Circus for its series of signature Capanna events for autumn.

For five weeks, Il Passaggio restaurant will put on different culinary evenings featuring locally grown products.

Many of the fresh ingredients will come directly from our vegetable garden!

Each week a different local food, one of the current season’s protagonists, will be featured as the common thread through all the recipes. Naturally, all the dishes will be paired with wines from our winery.


Here is the calendar of events:


Nov 25th

The Queen of Autumn

Protagonist: The Pumpkin


Dec 2nd

Flavors from the Forest Floor

Protagonist: The Mushroom


December 9th

Val d’Orcia Treasure

Protagonist: The black Truffle


December 16th

The Scent of the Woods

Protagonist: The Chestnut


January 6th

In the Glass and on the Plate

Protagonist: The Grape

Flavors from the Forest Floor

75 €



Beef carpaccio, variation of mushroom and mustard

2020 Pinot Grigio 100%, Capanna

Agnolotti pasta filled with guinea fowl and porcini mushroom in their own broth

2016 Brunello di Montalcino, Capanna

Roasted king brown mushroom, leeks, pecorino sauce and spinach

2018 Sant’ Antimo 60% Merlot 40% Sangiovese , Capanna

Dark chocolate cremoux, mushroom crumble, coffee ice cream

2017 Moscadello 100% Vendemmia Tardiva, vino da meditazione, Capanna​​​​​​​



Thrilling you through haute cuisine dishes.

In our restaurant the taste experience is not simply a digression of pure hedonism, but instead a complete story told using a different method other than words but equally as expressive.

To make the narrative livelier and rich with details, and therefore the experience more special for our guests, we regularly organize events with specific themes. These events shine the spotlight on particular eno-gastronomic realities which accompany the guests on a journey within a journey in the big circus of life.

Il Passaggio is in fact a gateway into another world. Arriving from their homes, a place of well-established and familiar flavors, curious souls cross through the gateway into another dimension. And in this way everything turns into an adventure of exploration, play and wonder.


The colors, the aromas and the flavors become characters in the stories we tell. They emerge from memories, live their own life and by combining together they become new forms of life.


We work with a smile, infusing passion into everything we do. We want you to live an unforgettable gourmet experience that will be remembered later as a series of emotions that are unique and full of interesting sensations.


Dining at Il Passaggio means living a performance.